Non-combat Encounters

Not everything needs to be beaten into submission.

D20 Encounter
1 A party member meets their superfan who fauns over them and follows them like an eager puppy.
2 An artisan is in need of assistance to move a giant-sized statue or tapestry to a difficult to reach mansion. Meeting the patron may even lead to work.
3 An elderly individual is lost and confused, needs help to find their way back to an interesting home.
4 Entertaining a gathered crowd, a bard recites poetry, sings ballads, or tells interesting tales, all seeming to do with the party's exploits.
5 Estranged family of a party member is spotted in a crowd, they hold the key to a longtime rift in their clan or tribe.
6 Invited to dinner by a gracious host, they regale the adventurers with tales of lost treasure and dungeons left unexplored in the surrounding areas, while stuffing them full of delicious food and drink.
7 Jilted lover sobs on a precipice and needs consoling. The spurned sounds familiar, and might even be someone they know or are going to meet.
8 Keen-eared party member hears whimpering from a well in a noisy area. A small humanoid is found to be exhausted and barely clinging to life above the waterline.
9 Married couple bickering over a mundane topic stops fighting to ask a party member their advice. There is no right answer, only more bickering ensues, now inclusive of anyone who dared engage with them.
10 Martial artist approaches the largest or most "capable looking" party member looking to test his metal in a contest of wills. Such as: longest time to cross hot coals, remain standing on nails, hold a weight at arm's length, etc.
11 Mute approaches attempting to communicate important news to the party. Perhaps it's just the clue they needed, or a red herring.
12 Nearby, a group of small children bully one of their own. Perhaps they are a child of some importance.
13 Passing a seller's stall, at least one of the items was a party member's just days or weeks earlier.
14 Skilled marksperson challenges the ranged weapon experts of the group to a contest of accuracy. Winner wins, or trades, something of value.
15 Small child dropped something into the city drain and it's just out of reach.
16 Someone asks the party why they do what they do, inquiring about some recent adventure or event. Seemingly satisfied, they mumble something like, "no need to kill you then" and wanders off.
17 Talking animal approaches the party inquiring their destination, and just by coincidence it's going the same way. It could be of few words or a never-ending font of prose.
18 Traveler asks the party to help with a riddle, then immediately runs away if they are able to solve it.
19 Vagrant steps forward asking for aid in exchange for a story. Further engagement with them reveals them as a monk currently observing a vow of poverty and enlightenment.
20 Whisp of a faerie flits around a party member's magic item. If they communicate with it in a kindly manner, a boon may be given.


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