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Urban Realms

Gaming journals, Fantasy maps, D&D t-shirts and more! If your world needs a little more enchantment, we're here to help.
Urban Realms
Urban Realms3 days ago
Hmm, a large group of people on the move because their water has become toxic would be a good hook for an adventure...
Urban Realms
Urban Realms5 days ago
When the DM says roll for initiative, hope it's not a dire wolf. The head of a modern wolf averages about 10 inches.

"The giant head, discovered by a local man in 2018 along the shores of the Tirekhtyakh River in the Russian Republic of Sakha (aka Yakutia), measures a whole 40 centimetres in length (about 16 inches), making it unlike any existing wolf specimen scientists have studied from so long ago."
Urban Realms
Urban Realms5 days ago
this is how I imagine many of the landscapes we adventure through. I'm sure there's a cave and some goblins in that hill.

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