Our first in a series of gaming modules designed specifically for a couple to play together.
So, light some candles, pour the wine, grab the dice, and let the date night adventure begin.

Link to modules

Announcing our newest Date Night Dungeon!

Our second romance module is now killing it on Kickstarter!
Check out Wight Wedding, a couple’s module with a Viking flair.

Wight Wedding RPG

Funded in less than a day!

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Urban Realms
Urban Realms7 hours ago
Wow! Thank you all so much! Our newest couple's RPG Kickstarter funded in less than a day! We're so grateful for all our RPG friends!


#rpg #dungeonsanddragons #datenight #cosplay
Urban Realms
Urban Realms5 days ago
Yay! Our next romance module Kickstarter has been approved. It's set to launch the day after Thanksgiving and ship in time for Valentine's Day! Here's a link where they can sign up to be notified when we launch: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/libram-of-lists/date-night-dungeons-wight-wedding

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