Our first in a series of gaming modules designed specifically for a couple to play together.
So, light some candles, pour the wine, grab the dice, and let the date night adventure begin.

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Urban Realms

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Urban Realms
Urban Realms4 hours ago
How do you use tattoos in your games?
I have a wizard character who is also an artist. With some magical ink, she gives her party members spell tattoos that they can activate during battle if she's unable to help them. She also stores a bunch of spells on her body that way. As an artist myself, I love the idea!
Urban Realms
Urban Realms1 week ago
She and her "Black Fleet" would make some great NPCs or a fun story arc.
Urban Realms
Urban Realms1 week ago
Only a few days left to sign up to win a free Date Night Dungeon! Free RPG day is October 16th. Win an RPG date for you and your special someone. Perfect for Halloween. Get it in 5th Edition, Pathfinder, or 3.5.


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