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Urban Realms

Gaming journals, Fantasy maps, D&D t-shirts and more! If your world needs a little more enchantment, we're here to help.
Urban Realms
Urban Realms5 days ago
DIY for the modern necromancer.
Urban Realms
Urban Realms5 days ago
Well, we've done it, and in time for Valentine's Day. Tom and I got our new couple's adventure module up on Amazon! If you missed the Kickstarter, now it's available in 3.5 and Pathfinder. 5th Edition will be coming soon.

#valentines #datenight #rpggames
Urban Realms
Urban Realms7 days ago
Yup, still wouldn't want to run into one...
"Perri says living in the warmer latitudes of North America may have given them traits more common to canids and other animals in these climates, such as red fur, a bushy tail, and more rounded ears. As such, she says, dire wolves may have resembled “a giant, reddish coyote.”


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