Evil Tomes

What helps evil sleep at night, keeps the good awake.

D20 Name Description
1 Aberration Arcanus The eldritch arts of creating an aberration
2 Bending of Lesser Minds Domination through enchantment and force of mind
3 Corpse Fiends Blueprint of the rise of the dread necromancer and their accomplices
4 Daemonomicon Treatise on Yugoloths
5 Dark Alchemy of Horrors Concoctions for potent poisons and disease causing agents
6 Evisceration Grimoire Dark sorcery and surgical techniques for pealing back the mortal coil
7 Fiendish Pages of Adriel Encyclopedic tome of fiends and summoning
8 Forceful Destructions Powerful spells of evocational destruction
9 Ghosts & Specters Tome dedicated to thinning the veil between the planes
10 Hello Darkness Information on the expanses of the Shadow Realm
11 Hell's Atlas Numerous maps of the netherplanes' hellscapes
12 High Necrolore Bringing out and controlling the undead
13 Illusory Nightmares Using illusions to deceive and terrorize
14 Journal of Alhazred True madness and vile deeds brought to the page
15 Lexicon of Dominion Paths Magical and mystical methods for dominating others
16 Malice Unbound Methods of focusing hatred to terrifying effect
17 Secrets of the Balanor Ancient tome of the fallen empire detailing their methods for binding of fiends to constructs
18 The Scarlet Tome Darkest secrets of blood magic
19 Trentor's Baleful Songsmithing A malicious bard's nefarious songbook
20 Unhallowed Libram Incantations and rituals of necrotic lore and negative planar energies


 Now, what other details can be "fleshed" out?

D12 Cover
1 Burnished cork
2 Carved bone
3 Iron-bound leather
4 Ivory (carved or etched)
5 Rough and aged leather
6 Rough hide
7 Scale (dragon, behir, etc.)
8 Shell (turtle, bulette, etc.)
9 Slate (black or grey)
10 Stained wood
11 Stretched humanoid skin
12 None or Missing


D12 Pages
1 Bark (Aspen or Birch)
2 Delicate snakeskin
3 Humanoid skin
4 Leaves (treated and pounded)
5 Onion-like paper
6 Papyrus
7 Parchment (rigid or supple)
8 Pounded tin
9 Silk
10 Unknown hide
11 Vellum
12 Wafer-thin, heat treated wood


D12 Contents
1 Almost indecipherable prose (a very hard read)
2 Clear and concise block text
3 Condescending and insulting to the reader, in clean and simple prose
4 Dense and wordy with minuscule text
5 Dizzying array of coded phrases and symbols, time intensive reading
6 Flowing script with illustrations
7 Hurriedly scrawled text with smudges and ink stains
8 Massive collection of notes, formulae and tables
9 Meticulously scribed and annotated
10 Overly flourished script
11 Ravings of a lunatic, much work is needed to piece together value
12 Well organized and written in simple script


D12 Written In
1 Beetle shells, ground
2 Black currant ink
3 Blood
4 Brimstone paste
5 Charcoal
6 Coreopsis Ink
7 Fiendish ichor
8 Ground minerals
9 Ground obsidian
10 Internal fluids
11 Lead
12 Squid ink


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