Libram's Lost Pages

We ran out of time putting quill to parchment when creating the Libram of Lists, but the content continued to pile up...

Here are additional lists to expand your games:

Sword Names (all good weapons need a name) ⚔️

Evil Tomes (what helps evil sleep at night, keeps the good awake) 📖

Non-combat Encounters (not everything needs to be beaten into submission) 🎭

Beverages (when the adventuring ends, the drinking begins) 🍺

Bard Names (single name, real-life inspiration) 🧑‍🎤

Bard Instruments (tools for a performance) 🎶

Check back once-in-a-while for more.

The Libram of Lists has 178 tables and lists to add detail to your games.

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Libram of Lists