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Urban Realms

Libram of Lists: Hardcover

Libram of Lists: Hardcover

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This is the hardcover version of the Libram of Lists. It contains custom lists and tables designed to enhance your 5th Edition, Pathfinder 1 Edtion, or 3.5 Edition RPG games and make GMing easier.

We’ve included 135 pages filled with 178 lists and tables of names for characters, monsters, and organizations, places for them to explore, and events that set them in motion. We’ve finished it off with lists of seed ideas for adventures.

As a reference book, this is not meant to be read cover-to-cover but perused for content relevant to your game creation. It’s useful both when planning a game and when one of your players asks, “What’s his name?” or, “What’s next door to the blacksmith’s shop.” It is our hope you will be able to sprinkle our offerings all around your RPG world.

So dig in. Have names and places at your fingertips. Use the entries you find useful, or mix and match names, change groups, adjust, and alter as appropriate for your game.

Happy GMing!


Also available in paperback

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