When the adventuring is done, the drinking begins.

D6 Non-alcoholic
1 Acopon black tea
2 Blueberry mineral water
3 Buffalo milk and honey
4 Loquat juice
5 Marrow broth
6 Red beetle juice


D10 Beers, Ales, and More
1 Bay Shandy (ale infused w/citrus)
2 Bunker Strong Brew
3 Firewall Amber Ale
4 Hades Porter
5 Knockdown Strong
6 Lushington Lager
7 Pappy's Purl (hot ale and sugar)
8 Peryton Pils
9 Podgy Pale Ale
10 Swizzle Small Ale


D6 Ciders
1 Apple Twist Cyder
2 Catapult Cidre
3 Eldritch Vale Cider
4 Hummingbird Gold
5 Satchel Skrumpy
6 White Satin Perry


D6 Meads
1 Drone's Mead
2 Grizzly’s Delight
3 Halcyon Hydromel;
4 Moonlight Mead
5 Nyle Honey Wine
6 Silky Syrup


D8 Liquors
1 Beholder Bourbon
2 Blue Ruin Gin
3 Hot Copper Whisky
4 Lantern Quag (smokey rye)
5 Ol' Eyebite (moonshine)
6 Skald's Inspiration (absinthe)
7 Umbral Dark Rhum
8 Valor Vodka


D8 Wines
1 Bardic Chardonnay
2 Black Strap (port)
3 Duchess Blush (pink)
4 Frizzle Falcon (sparkling)
5 Preto Doce (blackberry dessert)
6 Sensation Shiraz (red)
7 Vermilion Wolf (red)
8 Wobble Riesling (white)


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