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Meet the Urban Realms Family!

Tom and Cathy Thrush are the founders of Urban Realms. D&D is a huge part of their lives. It’s the way they stay in touch with friends, an escape from everyday life, and a creative outlet. It’s something they’ve been doing together since before their marriage in May of 2003. So it was no surprise that they wanted to share some of their best ideas with the rest of the D&D community.

But as their list of ideas for projects grew, they realized they couldn’t do it all themselves. So they enlisted their good friend, Daryen O’Dell to help. Now the three of them do their best to stay in touch with the amazing people they’ve met through Urban Realms and bring more passion projects to life.

Cathy and Tom Thrush


Tom has been DMing RPG games since the age of twelve, so his love of maps, fantasy, and all things D&D runs deep. During the day he’s a mild manner IT guy, but in the evenings he unleashes orcs and undead on his unsuspecting wife and friends.

As our resident DM, Tom contributes the technical knowhow to our Date Night Modules to make them run smoothly and make sense. He’s also working on a Libram of Lists book to help DMs, and a podcast series on how to DM with his friend David Jenkins.

"Urban Realms has given me a way to participate in, and contribute to, the community and games that have made an incredibly positive impact on my life.  I am grateful for the reception our products received and the ability to share our creativity with the world."


While Cathy may be a relative newcomer to D&D, (only 20 some years) she has a degree in art and has spent many years writing award winning novels and screenplays. Most of the products Urban Realms sells are her brainchildren- unruly and demanding brainchildren. As our resident artist and writer, she wishes she could clone herself to get more projects done.

"I’m so glad to be a part of such a creative and inclusive community. I’ve been humbled by the enthusiastic reception to my passion projects. I have so many more ideas, I can’t wait to share them all with you."


Tom and Cathy had the honor and privilege of introducing Daryen and her husband Mike to D&D. They were hooked. So when Tom and Cathy asked her to help them keep in touch with their wonderful D&D community, how could she refuse? She’s been a huge help and a wonderful addition to the team. And who knows, she may have a project or two of her own in mind as well.

"D&D has not only been a fun game I play with great friends, but a place for me to practice storytelling, learn to understand others better, and express myself in ways I never knew I could! Being a part this community, and getting to share the amazing Urban Realms projects has brought so much joy and excitement to my life for which I will be eternally grateful!"