Welcome to our Adventures Page!

Here we want to share some of our table top adventures.

The Northern Menace: Letters from Trilith is an ongoing campaign we've been playing for a couple years with Tom as our DM. It's written in the form of letters from Trilith (played by Cathy) to the people in her life, like her father and her wizard boss. It chronicles her adventures with her companions as they try to save the land from the rising evil.

If you'd like a little backstory on the characters and land, find it here.
Or, dig right in to the story.


Tales from the Table is a collection of short, fun, silly or harrowing things that happened from the point of view of the DM or the players. We'd love to hear your tale. If you'd like to submit a Tale from the Table for our blog, see our Submissions page.


Dungeon Monsters & Tavern Tales is an A to Z adult coloring book full of creatures you might run into in any self-respecting dungeon. Each monster image comes with a tale about that monster on the back. Click here for those stories.