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Urban Realms

RPG Journal

RPG Journal

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This handy, go-anywhere size journal is perfect for keeping track of your RPG adventures.

Gamers who play Dungeons and Dragons, or any role playing game will love this journal designed just for them. Every campaign needs a chronicler and every chronicler needs a journal like this.

Add the name of your quest to the cover and first page. Fill in the dates, G M, player and character names and the set up for your game. Keep track of your adventures with style and flair.

There are even spaces for pictures and grids for maps so the adventure stays alive in your mind, just like the day it happened. Whether you play D & D, LARP or just love adventure of any kind. This journal is for you.

Now Updated!

We've added room to keep track of 6 NPCs, A separate page for group treasure, a page for world history, a page for notes and more!

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