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Urban Realms

Campaign Treasure Chest

Campaign Treasure Chest

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We here at Urban Realms love RPGs like D&D, and we especially love finding (or better yet, winning) treasure. All our gaming journals have room to track treasure, but for epic campaigns we wanted a dedicated journal for group goods and loot that gave us room for more items and tons of detail. So here it is.

Add the name of your campaign to the cover, spine, and first page and you’re off to the races—or the dungeons. May your path be clear, your spirits high, and your treasure abundant.


  • Party money (coins and bars, exchange rates, other money)
  • Non-magical gems – 91 items
  • Non-magical jewelry – 50 items
  • Non-magical weapons and armor- 24 items
  • Non-magical special items- 35 items
  • Non-magical goods- 30 items
  • Property or businesses- 10
  • Magical wands, staffs, and rods- 18 items
  • Magic potions and oils- 24 items
  • Magical Weapons & Armor- 24 items
  • Wondrous Items- 30 items
  • Group gear – 48 items

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