The Northern Menace: Backstory

Welcome to the Northern Reach…

The unfolding series of events takes place in the sleepy Northern Reach of the west coast, tucked up near the arctic circle. The coastal seafaring folk thrive in the often cold and windy climate with the sea teaming with fish, rich soil, and forests of plentiful game. The lands aren’t without the occasional predator or malevolent tribe, but Duke Garath Reykholdt and his family have maintained this duchy for the Kingdom of Avenshore for more than two centuries.

Taken from our very own Dungeon Chronicle, these adventures are written in letter form, by one of the party members as they make their way through the Reach. Before we can discover where they are headed, a little backstory is required.  (Please keep in mind that photos are for reference only – these characters look similar to the actors portrayed in the below images and Urban Realms and the players claim no rights to these images).


Wild Elf Ranger, worships Solonor Thelandria, Neutral Good

Female 124yrs. 5’0″ 100#

Antinua grew up in the Paorsmark Woods, to a warm family, as the eldest of two children. She learned her craft as a scout early on.  Now that she’s older and graduated from service as one of the tribe’s rangers, she was asked by one of the elders to go to the town of Reykholdt as a representative. First off, to check on his half-human daughter Trilith, and secondly, to help the locals investigate the Isle of Jolnir, site of a tragic battle where many of your tribe were lost.  The priest of Solonor Thelandira fears the return of something sinister to Jolnir…


Cleric of Pelor, Lawful Good

Human Male 20yrs. 5’11” 160#

With his parents and two younger siblings, Geldion grew up in Town of Reykholdt, very close to the temples. He found himself drawn to the festivals of Pelor, the god of the sun, and the long days of summer were a joy to him.  One friend of his in particular, Robi Wessex, now a paladin of Heironeous, has been a constant companion throughout his childhood.  Although there is some jabbing about each other’s religion, they’ve been good friends for years.  Recently three separate fisherman have seen lights in the old Greymoor Ruins.  Your cantor, Naerdon Johannson, was there for the first troubles, and is concerned the menace may be back.


Wizard, worships Boccob, Neutral Good

Half-Wild Elf Female 26yrs. 5’3″ 125#

Trilith spent the early part of her years with the wild elves of the Paorsmark Woods.  Upon showing a great aptitude for magic, her human mother moved them to the Town of Reykholdt, where she could pursue formal training. The last year she’s been studying at the wizard’s tower.  Recently the Greymoor Ruins, the site of a major battle against evil, has been the source of lights seen by fishermen from the coast.  The mages’ tower has been asked to provide a scout, and they sent Trilith. 


Paladin of Heironeous, Lawful Good

Human Male 20yrs. 6’1″ 175#

Robi’s father, Luca, was also a paladin. He came to the north with your mother Aria, shortly after you were born.  He immediately became a valued member of the Heironeous parish in the Town of Reykholdt.  Sadly he was lost during the battle for Greymoor Keep, on the Isle of Jolnir, a key part of the victory for the light.  One of Robi’s most cherished memories is his father’s smiling face on a warm summer day.  Robi grew up under the wings of Beorn Hastenson, now the high priest of the city’s church, and friend of his father.  He also has an “old” friend in the newly confirmed priest of Pelor, Geldion, who he’s known since childhood.  Now a grown man, and a strong hand of the church, Robi was called to investigate the ruins of Greymoor, the fateful place of his father’s end.