Wight Wedding RPG

Funded in less than a day!

Our second Date Night Dungeon is now up on Kickstarter!

Wight Wedding is a RPG module that is designed specifically for a couple to play together. Like Rescue of the Blackthorn Clan, this one has Attraction Points, Turn-ons and Pet Peeves to add to the romance. Since this one has Vikings, we’ve added a few extras like Viking wedding traditions and drinking games.

This time, our 2 players each get to choose between 2 player classes. Together you solve mysteries, fight baddies, and fall in love. (Dice willing.) It’s available in 5th Edition, 3.5, and Pathfinder 1.

You play Ulf, and Storm. Your best friends, Bjorn and Estrid are in love, but Estrid’s father has forbidden them to marry. They decide to elope, but when dark forces intervene, only you two can save Bjorn and Estrid and see them happily married. And just maybe, you’ll find your own love along the way.

So check out our Kickstarter. We plan to ship in time for Valentine’s Day! Make Valentine’s Day and adventure!

The Libram of Lists Funded on Kickstarter!

We made our modest goal in 17 hours, making Tom a very proud dad to our latest project. Tom did the lists and Cathy did the illustrations. Together they created a resource to help any DM.

Check it out!

Libram of Lists is the complete book of inspiration every DM needs! From NPC and villain names, to holidays, careers, foods, adventure seeds and so much more, this book makes a DM’s life easier. Over 120 lists of everything a player might ask about.

The Libram of Lists forever ends that awkward pause that comes after a player (you know the one) asks, “What’s that building there!” or “What’s the bartender’s name?” or “What have they got to drink?” The answers are right at your fingertips. Never be at a loss for answers again.

Well, We’re Doing it Again

Yup, another Kickstarter. We’re really excited about this one. Tom and I have been working on this project for a year. This time we’ve created something truly new. It is a RPG module that is designed specifically for a couple to play together. We’re calling it a Date Night Dungeon. That’s right, romance and RPG fun all rolled into one. Best of all, we plan to have it ship in time for Valentine’s Day. The Rescue of the Blackthorn Clan will be a (mostly) standard RPG module for 3.5, Pathfinder or 5e. We’ve added a few extras like Attraction Points, Turn-ons and Pet Peeves to add to the romance. It’s set up for a 4th level ranger and a 4th level sorcerer. It’s perfect for date night, whether the players are just getting to know each other, or have been together for years. So light some candles, pour your favorite beverage, grab your dice bag, and let the adventure unfold! The Story: Wynn Blackthorn, heir to the Blackthorn power and fortune has been kidnapped. Now it’s up to the master of security at the manor, Tarric Greycloak, to get the heir back. But when they discover the kidnappers mean to kill Wynn’s father, the Thane of Palor Altor, they must work together to stop the evil plot before the planes of hell break loose. So, check out our Kickstarter today!

Another Successful Kickstarter!Kickstarter for our Board Gaming Journal

Board Gaming Journal: Inventory, Game Play and 10×10 Challenge The number and variety of board games is staggering and the number of game connoisseurs is on the rise. But how do you keep track of all your games? Tom and I can’t even keep track of what we did last week, much less the hundreds of games in our collection, or the last game we played. So we came up with our Board Gaming Journal.

Kickstarter Success!Monster coloring book

Our coloring book/short story collection of monsters was a hit! We made our goal, the books have been printed and they are now available! Order one today!

And many, hearty thanks to those who made this project possible. You’re the best!

On Kickstarter now!

Cathy’s first adult coloring book of RPG monsters is up on Kickstarter now. Check it out and join our monster love fest. Dungeon Monster & Tavern Tales: A Gamer’s A to Z Coloring Book with Short Stories. Gamers, set down your paintbrushes and minis and pick up your colored pencils and markers! From Assassin Vine to Zombie, you’ll find all of Cathy’s monster illustrations in one hand and beautiful book, each with an accompanying tavern tale. We have straight up adventures, a noir detective tale, a love story, a western and more. Prepare for stories as twisting and turning as a kraken’s tentacle. Check out our project and join us, we want to see this coloring book come to life!

KublaCon Baby!

Tom and Cathy had a blast at KublaCon this year. Memorial Day Weekend • May 24-28, 2018 • Hyatt Regency/Crowne Plaza SFO For more information, check out their website: http://www.kublacon.com/index.htm

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