The Northern Menace RPG Campaign

The Northern Menace RPG Campaign

Welcome to The Northern Menace RPG Campaign- Letters from Trilith! Join us as we adventure through the Northern Reach, through the eyes of our Wizard, Trilith, as we continue our adventure! Click here to read the backstories of the party! 

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Wealday, 25th of Rainmoot, 1267

Report to the High Magus Rurik Vikstrom


Sir, I met an old friend of yours. Segrid the Grey sends her regards.


We came across her and her companions in the morning after a good night’s sleep. We decided to check out the ruined keep we had seen across the river south of us. It was a pleasant morning, though rain was fast approaching.


We came upon a dilapidated stone bridge near the keep. The keep itself looked old but the walls were still standing. I sent Quenya up to take a look at the ruin. There was a moat around the keep that fed into the river that looked to have been shored up recently, which made us suspect someone was home. Antinua and I took a look at the bridge to see if it would support us. Our chances didn’t look good, and there were sections missing. I doubted we could get Robi’s warhorse across.


Quenya returned to tell me “Human orc woman inside near the wall.” As we discussed whether to just head downstream on our side of the river or find a way to shore up the bridge, a human woman approached. It was, of course, Segrid the Grey. She spoke over the ground in what I later guessed was Terran and a small earth elemental arose next to her. She spoke with it, as we later learned, her name is Marbella. Marbella went to the bridge and melded into the missing section, so we were able to easily cross over.


I thanked her and Marbella (when she returned to Segrid’s side) and we made our introductions. She thanked us for riding the area of the demon and invited us in for lunch. Segrid said something to Marbella in Terran and she dissolved into the ground. I was quite impressed. I’ve not met a wizard with an elemental familiar before. She said the Marbella had been key in shoring up the crumbling keep.


I asked Segrid what brought her out here and she said, “the quiet.” She also told me that she likes to tinker, and we soon saw the results of her work. She had mechanical and magical guards out in front of the drawbridge and throughout the castle. They seemed to be almost statues – but very useful ones. She laughed when I suggested that those kinds of guards must save on food bills.


Robi took the horses to the stable and offered to tend her horses as a thank you for her hospitality. The rain started as we stepped inside and met Hembra, her half-orc companion and cleric of Istus who wore studded leather armor and a mace.


The keep, though old, was decidedly warm and comfortable as we went in to lunch. Banners hung from the rails and disembodied hands brought us platters of food (An Unseen Servant of course). It was a nice spread and lunch was delicious.


Segrid and Hembra seem very well informed for living so far out from any town. They even knew that the island was stirring. And Hembra suggested our skills and our weapons may be needed in Relgard and that we should stop there before returning home. She could not tell us more though. She says that Istus is a fickle God who only shows bits and pieces of the future to her followers.


Segrid told me a little about her time at the tower with you and some of the other teachers. It was enjoyable to hear stories about days gone by in a place I know so well.


Robi asked how Segrid and Hembra met and Hembra said she was an adventurer in Avenshore when Segrid came looking for a crew to help retrieve components for a potion. They started traveling together and never stopped. They seem very well suited to each other.


Robi asked if they’ll think of joining our fight, but they said it was not yet their time.


Robi showed Hambra how to take care of the horses better and they offered us food and advice for the road. They saw us off in the afternoon as the weather cleared. I said thank you to Marbella and even gave her a pat on her very hard shoulder. Segrid warned us there are two ogres in the area and told us there’s a path leading down the escarpment a league south of the river.


It was great to meet the two of them. It restored my faith in the choices we’ve made and in the choices I’ve made in my own life. And they seem very happy together in their warm keep.


As we headed out, I warned Quenya to keep an eye out for the ogres. We made some good time, and found a suitable place to camp. As Antinua woke me for my watch we heard a very large sounding wolf howling in the distance. Antinua decided to stay up to make sure it was not coming closer. Somehow in my dreams I imagined that the distant wolf was one of our new friends in wolf form. Funny what the mind will do.


The morning was dreary, but Antinua and I felt quite comfortable since Geldion gave us Endure Elements last night.


The next night we figured we were nearing the ridge where we would need to head south to find the way down. As we were making camp, we heard the voices of the ogres arguing. Quenya took a look and gave us direction and distance. Probably about 150 to 200 yards. Geldion and Robi of course, wanted to try to kill them. I would have just as soon gone around, but I was pretty sure I was in for a fight.


We prepared for battle. I got out the Sonic wand and cast Mage Armor. We got ready to buff Robi up and send him in on his warhorse. I’m going to blast them with the wand before Robi attacks. Geldion is going to cast Bull Strength on Robi and cast Light of Mercuria. Then, we shall see what we shall see. I think it’s foolish to take on two ogres, but the others don’t agree. So here we go…


Your servant,




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