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The Northern Menace: RPG Adventure – Letters from Trilith

Welcome to The Northern Menace: RPG adventure- Letters from Trilith! Join us as we adventure through the Northern Reach, through the eyes of our Wizard, Trilith, as we continue our adventure! Click here to read the backstories of the party! 

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Toilday, 17th of Rainmoot, 1267

Dear Dad,

After our victory against the crypt thing and destroying the skull, we took our shiny new items and headed out. Before we left, I grabbed all the skulls from the cadavers and the crypt thing to throw in the river. You just can’t be too careful. 

The sun was setting as we head toward the horses. We were just out of the catacomb-which made Quenya happy-when Geldion stopped in his tracks. He got so choked up, he couldn’t seem to say anything. Robi looked affected too. Even Quenya seemed to be wonderfully happy.

Geldion came out of it, and I asked what he saw. I put a hand on his shoulder and felt holy power flow from where I touched him. It was an odd and lovely sensation that left me a little bewildered. Maybe it’s just my suspicious nature, but as much as I enjoyed the experience, it made me wary. Having recently seen just a tiny portion of the evil in the world, how does one trust this sudden sense of benign goodness? It seems a lie. And to give such a feeling, and then take it away seems unnecessarily cruel. 

I would never dream of saying so to my companions though. They were uplifted and seemed empowered by the experience. I wish I felt the same.

Geldion described his vision. He said a glowing statuesque figure appeared before him with flowing dark hair, surrounded by warm light, and wearing plate armor. We can only assume this was Dame Aressa Vellendar, the same woman immortalized in the crypt’s statue. 

She said to him. “My noble Geldion,” (And Geldion was quick to emphasize the “noble” part when he told the story.) “The weapon of Pholtus has come into your virtuous hands. You have a path of darkness ahead. Trust that the Mace of the Silvery Sun will light your way. No longer will spirits escape your blows.” 

Then she told him how to make the mace burst into flame. A pretty nifty trick, that one. She also said it would help against the undead. “Channeling your divine might into it, will allow for a powerful strike against the unliving.” Then she ended with “Be true to Pelor as you go forth and bring light to the world.”

I’m very happy that Aressa has passed on her mission to Geldion and can now, hopefully rest in peace. And I’m glad that we have a new weapon against all we have to face. But for the love of Boccob! Geldion is going to be insufferable after this.

The horses were happy to see us again, and after some healing among my companions, (I managed to stay uninjured) we camped for the night and looked over our new finds.

The staff we took from the crypt thing can hold up to 3 levels of spells. I’m glad the thing didn’t get a chance to use it on us!

In the morning, Antinua went to look for a way to get the horses up above the waterfall. Unfortunately, there was no way on our side of the river. We had to ride back to the bridge over the river, past the smelly hot spots again. I kept an eye out for our mephit friend but didn’t see him. The sun shone off the melting snow and the day was almost warm-as long as you stayed out of the biting wind.

It took us a while, but we managed to get the horses up an old landslide and headed inland. The day was uneventful. Antinua found us a defensible campsite and went to try her new bow on some dinner. She came back with a hare, and excited about how amazing her bow felt and how true the arrows flew. She says it has some amazing range. All I know is the hare was delicious!

The warm meal helped with the cold night. I have to say, Dad, cold nights are the only time I miss my days in the tower.

After midnight, Robi and Antinua heard a bird of prey screech, and goblinish speech. Antinua shook me awake saying there were bugbears or hobgoblins. I sent Quenya to see where they were. He returned quickly saying, “Four uglies.” “After eagle” and indicating the direction.

Antinua and I snuck forward as Robi helped Geldion get suited up. The “uglies” had the eagle on the ground, flapping in a net. A hobgobblin was about to smash the poor thing, so I shot it with a Magic Missile. I dropped the hob-right on top of the poor eagle.

Antinua shot another one of them with her new bow and hit him in the face. He flew backwards and sprawled, dead. That fancy new bow has some power! 

Robi moved up and launched a javelin at them but caught a bit of tree and missed. Geldion ran over, going toe to toe with one of them. I hoped his recent vision hadn’t made him a little too cocky. The uglies looked around for the rest of us.

I sent a crossbow bolt into a bugbear, though probably just pissing him off. It ran up to Geldion and hit him in the chest with a morningstar. Geldion gasped.

Antinua’s an arrow from her new bow hit hard again, and the bugbear howled. Robi ran up to another bugbear. Geldion swung at his foe but missed. Robi got hit in the back as another ugly came up behind, turning him into a Robi sandwich.

I summoned a celestial badger. Geldion dodged a blow as Antinua ran up and shot one of the bugbears again point blank. The arrow threaded his skull like a needle. Robi turned to the hobgoblin behind him and sliced him open. Geldion moved up, but missed with the mace. The remaining hobgob swung at Robi, but seemed staggered. 

It was almost funny, Dad. Just as the hob went down to one knee, my badger appeared in front of him. His eyes got huge as the badger ripped into his face. A little late, perhaps, but like I said, you can never be too careful. And the badger got a full meal.

Antinua tried to calm the trapped and flailing eagle. I asked Quenya to help, but he was scared of the bird. Perhaps that whole “birds of a feather” thing is just a myth.

The bird eventually hopped up on Antinua’s arm and she sat with it for a while. I think she made a new friend.

Robi spotted something among the trees that looked like a figure. Since it hadn’t attacked when we were busy with the bugbears, I guessed it wasn’t dangerous. I moved forward a little and called out to it to say hello in every language I knew. 

Eventually an elf in leather armor stepped from behind the tree. I called out my name and the figure said, “Trilith? Is that you?”

Believe it or not Dad, guess who stepped from the woods. Glorfinad! Yup, Antinua’s brother! My reaction: “By Boccob’s Balls! Great to see you!”

Antinua got a hood over the eagle to calm it down and then gave her brother a hug. Turns out he’s with the Grey Sparrows now. They were on a training mission with a few newbies. They asked us to join them, and we readily accepted. There are 7 elves. They’re a little leery of our human friends, Robi and Geldion, but we assured them they’re good guys.

Vellanthia is with them as well! It was like old home week! It felt so great to see Vellanthia. They also had Aeson, a Cleric of Solonor was with them.

Vellanthia watched the recruits skirting around Robi and Geldion and said to me, “They are absurd. The shape of one’s ears does not dictate their worth, someone’s actions and the ability to process complicated information is what is important.”

I nearly laughed. My wizard friend is just as I remember her, brilliant, and completely snobbish and superior. I would have thought that by now she’d have figured out that everyone has their use, whether that’s brains or brawn.

She told us Robi’s shield belonged to Sir Branner, who she knew back in the day. She was sorry to hear he had lost it-and his life-in the crypt. She told us there was a word to light it up. Robi tried some words and at “Valor” the thing shone so brightly it blinded us. It appears to be a Daylight spell. Useful in dark places, though not so good for stealth. Geldion lit up his mace as well so he didn’t feel left out. Boys will be boys.

We learned there’s a command word for the bow as well, though we don’t yet know what that word is. Once we figure it out, it is supposed to be devastating to undead or otherworldly creatures. Antinua’s working with the elven cleric to discover the word.

We’ve stayed with them a few days now, training, learning, and talking about all that is happening in the lands. My team is feeling stronger, as am I. I feel refreshed and more hopeful now. I’m almost relishing getting back into battle and trying out my new spells. I’ll let you know how it goes. Love you, Dad.

Your affectionate girl,


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