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The Northern Menace: RPG Adventure – Letters from Trilith

Welcome to The Northern Menace: RPG adventure- Letters from Trilith! Join us as we adventure through the Northern Reach, through the eyes of our Wizard, Trilith, as we continue our adventure! Click here to read the backstories of the party! 

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Oathday, 12th of Rainmoot


Dear Master Felkurk,


I just wanted to tell you that your lessons have not gone unheeded. You were always my favorite teacher at the tower and your lessons on Conjuration saved the day. I’m sure you’ve heard about our last adventure and how we were suddenly dumped 20 feet in the air above a four-story waterfall. Well, our next attempt at besting the Crypt Thing would have made you proud.


Our night was quiet except for a few wolves howling during Antinua’s watch-which we assumed were eating the body of the ogre we left behind.


In the morning we went back up to the top of the waterfall and tied a rope across the river in case any of us were transported into thin air again. Then, at Geldion’s wise suggestion, we built a fire pit on each side of the river, just in case. We discussed our plans and got ready for our next attempt on the crypt.


Since the plan was to strengthen Robi so he could face the Crypt Thing if necessary, Geldion cast Endure Elements on him, just in case he was transported back into the river. Robi led the way in. The smell of burnt corpses nearly made us gag. We looked around, nervously, but didn’t see the cadavers in the first couple rooms and continued on.


When Robi moved through the twisted entry to the far rooms, he saw them fast approaching. He backed up, and we prepared, Geldion casting Magic Weapon on Robi’s club. The cadavers rushed forward. I held my Burning Hands spell ready, waiting for them all to be in range.


They tried to attack Robi and Geldion, but missed. Antinua missed with her morningstar as well. As soon as the third one moved up, I let loose with Burning Hands. Two fell to the ground smoldering. I did a little jig in my head. You always said to celebrate the small victories, and these weren’t that small. Robi swung with his now magical club and killed the last one.


I wanted to remove the heads and throw them down river, just to be sure, but time was of the essence now that Geldion had cast spells on Robi. So, we moved on. 


The inner door to the crypt that we had opened was now closed again. Robi went bravely up to push the stone that opens the door and then quickly backed up. Geldion cast Bless on us all and as the door slid open, (as you so aptly taught me) I Summoned a celestial badger right in front of it. (I know badgers were always your favorite.) Then I stepped back out of line of sight of the Crypt thing.


The creature still sat on the stairs, staring out toward us with that expressionless, dead face and glowing red eyes. It had a quarterstaff in hand, capped in a silver ferrule. We didn’t need Robi to tell us this thing was pure evil. The chills rattling down my spine did that.


Geldion seemed less affected by the sight than I was. He cast a Magic Mace that appeared next to the Crypt Thing and hit hard. My badger appeared and ran up to the thing and attacked. I cast a Flaming Sphere next to it, which burned it. So far, our plan to take it out without getting within range of its Teleport spell seemed to be working.


Robi was raring to go, but waited to see if he should run up. The thing tried to sidle away from our magical attacks. Antinua moved up to get an angle on the thing and shot it with a cold steel arrow. Between all our attacks it looked heavily damaged.


Geldion’s magical mace swung and hit hard, and the creature wavered. The badger tried to bite, but couldn’t get purchase, but my Magic Missiles hit him dead in the chest. (Pun intended) The thing, looking beleaguered, leapt forward with what I can only describe as rage in his glowing red eyes, but the badger of all things, swiped at him, catching a thigh bone in his jaws. And believe it or not, that was the end of the Crypt Thing! It fell, smashing to bits on the stone floor. Thanks to your Conjuration class, my brave little badger saved the day.


Robi was about to leap forward to smash the Crypt Thing’s skull, but out of the corner of his eye he caught a Shadow behind us. He whirled to face it. 


“Damn it, the skull is at work again,” I said when I saw what he was after. 


The Shadow headed for Robi who swung at it with his magical club, but you know those Shadows, his club passed right through. Antinua’s magic arrow did as well.


The Shadow reached right through Robi’s armor and sapped strength from his soul. Geldion called on Pelor to turn the Shadow and a wave of positive energy vaporized it.


Robi checked out the skull and found the evil was back in full force. He dumped the no-longer-holy water from the skull and he and Geldion poured more holy water in. But even as they were doing it another Shadow erupted from the skull.


Geldion called on Pelor again and the Shadow faded away. We decided we should move quickly and get out of there as soon as we could.


Luckily, before we headed into the statue room, Geldion spotted a glyph above the door- a lightning-based glyph this time. Geldion told us the word to disarm it, “Algor.”


This room too seemed to have been looted. But how did they loot it with the Crypt Thing here? Or did the looters put the Crypt Thing here? Perhaps the Obsidian order put the good weapons here and then set up the Crypt Thing to keep us from gaining possession of them. If so, they failed.


The statue was a female warrior wearing plate mail. She was quite lovely and majestic. The plaque read: “Dame Aressa Vellendar – Here lies the last true Daughter of Oppland, Champion of the People, Vanquisher of Tyrants.” I know how you love those old history books. You would have been thrilled to see these historic tombs and be in the presence of those who made history.


But thrilling as the history was, we didn’t want to tarry. I tossed the Crypt Thing’s head out of the room (just in case he had ideas about reanimating.) Geldion found a shield behind one of the sarcophagi. His Detect Magic spell told us both the shield and something else wedged behind the sarcophagi were magical. I climbed up and pried out the shield. It’s elven, very light, made of mithril, and has a fist holding a lightning bolt on it. Must have belonged to a follower of Heironeous. It’s in great shape. We gave it to Robi who seemed quite pleased with the find.


I also found wedged a composite longbow made of silver birch decorated with a sun. Elven runes say “Anlarel drove back the horde with the might of Solonor.” This must be the bow of Quennis Whitestar, I’m sorry he lost it, and his life with it, but Antinua is very excited about giving it a try. And I’m glad it is back in the hands of good people.


We opened the sarcophagus on the dais and saw the remains of a tall woman holding a mace. We surmise that it is a mace of Pholtus of the Silvery Sun, as you know, a strong ally of Pelor and Heironeous. Geldion was radiant as he took the mace as his own.


The woman’s body looked like it had been disturbed. I know what you would say, master, she deserves more respect. I felt so too. Geldion and I laid her bones back in place to rest and I said a silent prayer to thank the woman for her fight against evil.


I picked up the Crypt Thing’s staff and it seemed to warm in my hand. Geldion took a look at it and we determined it is a Staff of Spell Storing. It appears to be storing Magic Missile and Color Spray. That could come in useful in our next challenge.


Before we left, we decided we couldn’t leave the evil skull to conjure more Shadows. Robi took a crack at the skull with the Mace of the Silvery Sun. It was a solid blow, but there was merely a crunching sound and a little bit of damage done to it. With the second hit it started to crack and the mace smoked. I backed around a corner, just in case. No way to know what might happen. 


With a third hit, the crack widened. As Robi was taking yet another swing at the thing, a Shadow rose out of it.

Antinua’s arrow went through the shadow. I cast Disrupt Undead and damaged it, but not much. But Geldion’s turn destroyed it.


Robi struck the skull one final, devastating blow and it broke in pieces. A wave of dark energy washed out over us all. My companions reeled. Robi got hit hard, Geldion and Antinua were injured, but not as badly as Robi. Since I’d had the foresight you’ve given me to watch from around the corner, I avoided the wash of energy and remained unharmed.


With that, the first leg of our adventure was completed. Now we have the “dodgy git” -as the steam mephit called him- to take care of. Somehow, that one scares me even worse. Still, we have new, powerful weapons at our disposal. Let’s hope they, and we, are up to the task.


Your student,




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