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The Northern Menace – Letters from Trilith

Welcome to our RPG adventure, The Northern Menace – Letters from Trilith! Join us as we adventure through the Northern Reach, through the eyes of our Wizard, Trilith, as they continue their adventure! Click here to read the backstories of the party! 

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Wealday, 11th of Rainmoot

Dear Dad,


So far, so good.


We beat the bugbears, though Antinua took a couple hard hits.


As we prepared for battle, I headed out the back to sneak around behind them if possible. Geldion readied his crossbow and plugged one in the chest. That got their attention! Robi prepared for their onslaught behind the door to the barn and Antinua shot the same one again. He wobbled but didn’t fall. His pals, seeing their comrade plugged twice, charge up and right into Robi’s attack.


One threw a javelin at Antinua, but she dodged nimbly aside. Robi swung his longsword but caught the door. One bugbear swung a big-ass morningstar at Robi and connected with his shoulder. The other hit Antinua in the chest, knocking her back, and Geldion caught her. At that point, the battle looked to be going in their direction.


I finally got to try using my True Shot spell along with my Launch Bolt spell. It worked like a wonder – sort of. It shot straight and true, but the bolt hit a hard patch of leather armor and did little damage. I have to tell you, Dad, I was underwhelmed. I’ll have to reconsider the right usage of the True Shot spell.


Inside the barn, Geldion and Antinua couldn’t get past the bugbears’ guard. Robi struck the one in front of him doing heavy damage and dodged away from the return strike.


Antinua got hit hard again with the morningstar and it looked bad. I plugged the one fighting Robi with a bolt from behind and it cried out. Ha! That surprised him.


Geldion and Antinua struck back, Antinua swore a blue streak at the creature as it dropped to the ground. She fell to her knees, breathing heavily. Robi struck his opponent driving the sword into his chest.


The last, injured bugbear was limping off as quickly as it could manage. Three of us took potshots at it but missed. Antinua, who hates bugbears (someday I’ll have to get the story why) went off after it-once Geldion gave her some healing. She finally sunk a shot in his back and he went down.


We found some money on the bugbears but not much else, though Robi took a decent javelin. As the guys dragged the bodies outside, I checked out the upstairs in the barn and found an onyx sea lion sculpture. It’s rather cute. I put it in with the rest of our stuff since we have horses to carry it all.


After breakfast and a little more healing for Antinua, we headed north again. Snow came and went. It’s lovely, really, but chilly. You would have enjoyed it, Dad. The day was uneventful for a change, just the way I like them. Antinua found us a campsite near a stream.


Antinua’s bow provided us with rabbit for our stew. Yum. Returning to camp she heard a giant, angry bear. I sent Quenya up to take a look. He came back to say the bear was eating a deer. We figured we’d be fine if it was busy with the carcass. I have to say, Quenya has been so exceedingly helpful! It’s like having eyes in the sky! And he’s so clever and cuddly. I do love him so.


We had a quiet night and after rabbit stew for breakfast, we headed out. We made good time in the morning. Around noon we started to hear a river in the distance. We came upon it soon. And along with it came the smell of brimstone. It was worse than the smelly lab at the tower! We headed inland along the river and came to a stone bridge in disrepair. We decided not to cross unless we needed to and kept going.


Antinua led us along. The brimstone smell grew stronger and stronger. Then we came across spots where the snow had melted from the ground. It really seemed as if we were near the gates to the hell planes! I saw what I think they call a geyser, Dad! Water spouted dozens of feet up into the air then disappeared into a hole in the ground. In other spots, mud boiled and blooped. The whole area is fascinating! Where is all this heat coming from? Is it magical? So much to explore. 


I tested the temperature in one of the translucent blue pools and pulled my burnt finger out quickly. I would love to spend some time examining the whole area. Maybe I’ll be allowed to, once the current mischief is over.


Then the most ridiculous thing happened, Dad. A bank of steam started talking to us! This creature of roiling steam called us trollops and wankers and asked what we were doing there! He, his name is Bresses, sat in a pool of boiling water! What an odd and adorable creature! 


I believe he is a Mephit from the elemental plane. He seemed to have no fear of us and seemed quite willing to chat. He told us he likes the place for the peace and quiet and had been there for quite some time. I asked him if there was anyone else about and he told us about a “barmy sort that lives near the falls.” From his colorful description, it sounded like possibly a giant. Robi gave him some rations and he seemed to like them. 


I asked him about the Shadow Demon. He told us a “dodgy git from the nethers to the east is bringing the orcs together.” That can’t be good. I assume he means that the shadow demon has taken over an orc leader and is putting together a force. If we’re to deal with that, we better hope we find these magical weapons!


Bresses praised Pelor for the sunny day, making Geldion happy. We thanked him for the info.


Our first giant to battle. I’ll admit, I’m curious, but also worried. At least I have all my spells.


I sent Quenya to look for the giant. He came back and said “Big Man.” We decided to have Antinua go take a look. She snuck forward carefully and spotted an ogre beating on something with a rock and chewing on it. Probably a kill of some sort.


Antinua returned to us and told us what she saw. I was relieved that it wasn’t a giant, though an ogre will be a big enough challenge for us, no doubt. It’s about twice her height and 700 pounds. We discussed our plan of attack.


The idea is for Robi to attack on horseback, and I’ll try to daze it. Then we can use range weapons on it. As a last resort I can run up and cast Burning Hands. We can also cast a bunch of stuff before the attack. And If I cast Summon Monster we may be able to give Robi an advantage. So, we’re girding our metaphorical loins and getting ready for a fight. Robi is a brave man. I’ll give him that. I’ll let you know what happens – if we win.




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