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Today our tale comes from our own Tom Thrush, a lifelong DM who is sharing one of his countless hilarious encounters from behind the screen.

The Flying Dragon

                                                                        -Tom Thrush


This story comes from a time when I was GMing a Rolemaster adventure in my friend Joe’s basement in the early ’80s. I had overmatched the players in the final battle of an adventure with a towering stone golem. If you’ve ever played Rolemaster, it’s quite complicated and deadly. The damage from a single blow can be catastrophic and the multi-level crit tables are brutal.


After a few short rounds, most of the six players were either down or had few remaining hit points. Joe, who always played a monk and was actually a martial artist himself, had a desperate idea, run down the 50′ corridor leading to the burial chamber and deliver a “flying dragon” kick to the almost invincible golem.


When it came to his attack his dice did not fail him (as mine often do), he rolled a spectacular hit landing him on the first critical chart, which gave him a second roll, placing him on the next crit table up. The final roll was perfect, striking the statue in the chest, grenading it throughout the room, and breaking the monk’s leg.


Joe had saved the day in spectacular fashion and was so excited he leapt about the room, high-fiving everyone, even grabbing my head and kissing me on the cheek.


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