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A Lesson in Interrogation

                                                                                                -Daryen O’Dell

In the first D&D campaign I ever played I was a cleric of Pelor, my husband was a Rogue, and two of our other friends were a Ranger and Wizard. We were level 2 or 3 and starting to get confident in our roles, which were well suited for our actual personalities.


As we were starting to figure out that the undead plaguing the town we were staying in were under the control of a larger, much more threatening group. As we worked out way through a building we made short work of the dead creatures prowling around and found our way into a secret room. In that secret room was a man, standing in a circle, as though he was waiting patiently. Our rogue immediately disregarded the man, opting to start looting the bookshelves in the corner.


The man seemed to be kind, though tired and worn down by his imprisonment. He told us he was a celestial and went on to tell us how he became to be trapped here. It tugged at our heartstrings, but not wanting to be duped, I tested him by speaking the celestial language and when he responded in kind we decided to let him out.


As we scraped away the marking from the circle the air in the room seemed to shift, going cold as the man rose on demon wings – cackling as he flew to the exit. Before he left he turned to us, sweeping into a bow as he thanked us for our service, as we stood, dumbfounded, watching the demon we let free set out into the world to do gods knows what.


The rogue turned from the shelves, arms laden with stolen items, as the demon flew out. “Guys?! What did you do?!”


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