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This time we are sharing a tale written in one of our Dungeon Chronicles, written from a character’s perspective!


4 Little Monkeys… and a Giant Skeleton

                                                                                                                 -Hylla, Cleric of Pelor


We decide, much to my displeasure, to go back to the cavern where the giant skeleton was waiting. We come up with a game plan and decide that Leoric is going to cast some protective spells on me, the group will distract it, and I will dive out and try to turn it. Aristral (our ranger), starts by shooting an arrow that I cast the light spell on into the cavern as a preliminary distraction, and for good measure, our wizard, Leoric, casts a celestial monkey toward the giant as well.

The monkey lets out a shriek and then, with a thud, the cavern falls into silence. A heavy feeling settles into my stomach and I gulp nervously as Leoric summons another monkey – this time on the skeleton’s back – and as soon as it realized where it is the creature starts to panic. Ari starts shooting flaming arrows at the beast as well. I mess up my turning spell, all the pressure and chaos distracting me from my connection with Pelor. Thankfully, the skeleton is distracted by the flaming arrows and monkey panicking on his back.

Leoric casts yet another monkey, this one landing the colossal leg of the skeleton, though it is just as terrified as its brethren, and with another splat, it disappears. Thankfully, Leoric follows it up with a fourth monkey as the giant skeleton turns on us. I attempt to turn the creature again to no avail, has Pelor’s light left me?

I run for cover as Aru summons an octopus on the monster’s head. I start to wonder where our Rogue, Steve, has disappeared to, but my guess is he’s off trying to steal the dead Gnome’s armor. In my distraction, I lose focus and the giant’s club hits me, rocking me to the core. I feel the familiar touch of Caribor, Leoric’s raven, transferring a spell of some sort. Finally, I feel Pelor’s light fill me and I am able to turn the monster just enough to send it running to the other end of the cavern, near the entrance to the tunnel.

I take a moment to heal myself, and we take stock – we will most likely have to engage the skeleton in combat rather than throwing celestial creatures at it all day. To my surprise, Leoric suddenly floats up and propels himself across the ceiling of the cavern, landing softly next to Steve who is standing near a few corpses – I guess he wasn’t looting after all!

With a yell, Ari strikes at the still cowering skeleton with her sword, I follow closely behind with my mace, Leoric unleashes his fire spell, and Steve strikes with the strange new sword he acquired – which seems to do a lot of damage to the beast. We lash out again and I can’t help but admire our teamwork as we strike out at the skeleton until its legs start to buckle and it comes crumbling down around us.

A collective sigh of relief ripples through the group and we take some time to catch our breath and examine the items we fought so hard to retrieve. With that done we pack up and are feeling much better about ourselves until Aristral and Leoric catch sight of the 2 wraiths that we sent away yesterday… I feel a break will not come to us for a very long time.


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