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Today our tale comes from our own Tom Thrush, a lifelong DM who is sharing one of his countless hilarious encounters from behind the screen.


My Brother and the Faerie Dragon

-Tom Thrush

Many years ago, I was DMing for a group of friends, as well as my brother who hadn’t been playing for long.

The party had survived a rather tough dungeon and were slogging to the nearest town down a particularly muddy trail. Along the way, they came across a faerie dragon relaxing near the path who noticed the approaching troop. For its amusement, the faerie dragon cast a Turn Mud to Rock spell, trapping one, or both, of each party member’s feet.

Although the dragon was very amused by this, he could see some of the trapped motley group were preparing for violence, while others were working their way free. So the dragon preemptively cast a Wall of Force in the shape of a dome over the party. Then he began to taunt the gang by rolling and prancing around on the top of the force barrier.

My agitated brother brought to bear his Wand of Wonder, and let loose with one of the charges. Rolling randomly on the table of varied effects, he got Fireball—which widened the eyes of all the players at the table.  When the small pea of flame detonated against the Force Wall it filled the half-orb with roiling fire.

Since most everyone’s feet were trapped and they were in a confined space, everyone took full damage, including my brother. He then needed to roll a save for the wand, which failed miserably. This caused a catastrophic cascade of effects, unleashing the last twelve charges inside the dome.

As he made roll after roll, more mayhem ensued. The crew was joined in the dome by multiple Gusts of Wind, a Stinking Cloud, heavy rain, two mice, one elephant, 1200 butterflies, and shimmering motes of color. An Invisibility spell that covered the wand wielder, turned my brother invisible, which was probably for the best because if he hadn’t died when trampled by the elephant, I’m pretty sure his companions would have killed him.

All told three of the five-party members died, and it was the most entertaining day of the faerie dragon’s long life.


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