Date Night Dungeons - A Couple's Module

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Hello adventurers, welcome to Urban Realms! Arven here, your friendly neighborhood merchant! I wanted to take a moment to tell you about one of my wares, one I am very excited about! Date Night Dungeons - Rescue of The Blackthorn Clan This…

A Way With Words

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The rain pours in sheets as you shove your way into the tavern, adding your umbrella to the overflowing stand by the door. You smile as you take in the tavern, it’s warm fire already working to fight off the spring chill. In the corner some…

DM Corner - Keeping track of it all

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You stare at your notes, scratching your brain for a creative way to get your players where they are supposed to go. It’s been a while since you ran a campaign, especially an in-person one, and you forgot the feeling of anxiety that hits right…
Monster coloring bookUrban Realms

Dungeon Monsters and Tavern Tales - The Assassin Vine

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I stepped back and shook out my fist. I hadn’t meant to hit the old biddy, but she made me angry, berserker angry. She slumped at the rough-hewn table, a hand to her bloody nose. “I’m sorry,” I said, “But I need those beans.”  “And…

How Do You See the World?

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You drag your feet as you walk into the tavern, heading straight for the bar, nodding at some regulars that you recognize. You catch the eye of the bartender who’s busy with a customer. “My usual, when you get the chance,” you tell him.   Your…

The Real History of Our World

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Welcome traveler!  The Dwarf, Arven once again is sitting at a wooden table, large mug in hand, and on the table sits some of her wares. You’ve begun to think of it as her table. Today, you see a thick journal displayed prominently,…
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Romance and Dragons

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You find your way again to the mysterious tavern. As the smokey smell of the fire mixes with the smell of dark beers, you realize that this place was indeed not a dream. The self-proclaimed dwarven woman, who does look like the dwarves depicted…

Welcome to Urban Realms

“Welcome, traveler, to the Urban Realms!” says a small elderly woman sitting next to a wooden table.    You look around the bar you wandered into. Rough-hewn oak beams hold up the low ceiling. Deep red walls are lit with candles…