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Welcome to our RPG adventure, The Northern Menace! Join us as we adventure through the Northern Reach, through the eyes of our Wizard, Trilith, as they continue their adventure! Click here to read the backstories of the party! 

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Wealday, 11th of Rainmoot

To the High Magus,


Our team prepared for battle against the ogre as previously reported. Robi was keen on killing the creature since he felt it was larger and eviler than even your standard ogre. Being my first ogre, it certainly seemed that way to me. So, we discussed tactics. I hope you can advise me on a good book to study combat tactics when I return to the tower. I have no idea if we chose the best course, but this is what we determined.


Geldion’s god was to provide us with blessings as well as to bolster Robi’s strength. Robi’s strongest attack is with lance from on horseback, so such an attack seemed to offer the best chance of taking down the ogre quickly. The plan was for Robi to draw the creature close and attack it in range of my Daze spell so that hopefully he would not be hit. Then I would summon a monster behind the creature to help Robi in the battle while the rest of us used ranged weapons from cover. If worse came to worse, I could approach from behind and use Burning Hands.


Does this seem like the best plan of attack given our circumstances, or would you have advised another course of action? I am eager to learn, as my life may depend on it.


Of course, little ever goes to plan. Is there a spell in existence that make events go to plan? I suppose not. If there were, it would be the most used spell in history. Luckily, in this case, things worked out even better than expected, but one cannot count on that always being the case.


Robi trotted out on horseback after receiving Geldion’s boosts, but the ogre didn’t even notice him. Robi challenged him-a touch more gently than I had imagined. Robi tried to make of show of force, but his untrained horse was having none of it. 


Finally, the ogre took notice and headed toward Robi. But before he got within range of my spells, Antinua hit him with a couple arrows. My stomach clenched as the ogre focused in on Antinua and charged. One strike from the ogre would likely have finished her for good. She is a brave, but occasionally over-zealous elf.


Robi saved the day, and probably Antinua’s life, by charging forward on horseback, lance leveled. Dirt and snow flew from the horse’s hooves. The mount proved to be a brave and noble beast. The hit was hard and fast, catching the ogre in the chest. 


As you can imagine, gouts of blood flew and it cried out in pain. Robi pulled out the lance in a spray of gore. The thing looked very wounded, but also very angry and very, very large.


Antinua shot twice, missing the first, but the second shot hit home under his armpit, and he fell to the ground dead. So, despite things not going to plan, the ogre didn’t even get in an attack. And I did not even cast one spell. Just as well. It seemed likely I would need my spells soon.


In the creature’s disgusting lair, we discovered a cache of coins, including some platinum. Much of which I fear will end up in the churches’ coffers. We also found a crowbar, a jasper, a rose quartz, a scroll tube, and a red garnet that glowed from within and looked to be magical. Geldion’s detect magic confirmed the garnet was magical but told us little else.


The scroll tube contained a parchment that appeared to be written in common in a colorful turn of phrase that brings forth a blessing of some sort. I handed it over to our cleric Geldion.


We headed back toward the water and the falls. The falls are the largest I’ve seen, coating the rocks before them with cool mist and slippery moss. We set up a picket for the horses and we prepared to go in, single file.


Antinua led us across the treacherous rocks and back behind the thundering falls. As we worked our way in, Geldion and I slipped, but we manage to stay out of the river. In a carved-out area behind the falls we found a log and rocks lodged in front of a doorway. I stood out of the way as the others went in to move the debris. The ogre’s crowbar came in handy as they used that to pry the log out of the way. The stones were soon shoved aside, and we examined the door.


Thankfully, Geldion detected a fire glyph of warding above the door, thereby saving us all from nasty burns. He believed if we said the word “flamen’” as we entered, we would be safe. He referred to some confection called “hot cheese toes.” I’ll have to look into that, since he didn’t mention which creature’s toes were used. 


But we saw no way to actually open the stone slab door. We searched the area and eventually found a likely looking mechanism – a square piece of stonework that looked promising. We tried to push it to no avail. Finally, between Robi and Geldion they got it to move and it slid in. The door ground downward lodging with a foot still above ground.


We each said the word “flamen’” as we stepped over the threshold. Once inside I lit our lantern. It was wet, chilly and dingy. None of us felt comfortable here and Robi mentioned a low level of evil emanating from the entrance. Robi led the way. We found a statue of an armored man. The heraldry symbols indicated the failed, disreputable northland Kingdom of Oppland.


Off to our left we spotted a crypt but before I went to examine it, Antinua and Robi spotted a figure in the next room. Light from our lantern revealed four skeletons before us, standing against the wall. We brace ourselves for battle once again.


Your humble student,


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