RPG Adventure The Northern Menace Campaign #17

The Northern Menace RPG Campaign

RPG Adventure The Northern Menace Campaign

Welcome to our RPG Adventure The Northern Menace Campaign- Letters from Trilith! Join us as we adventure through the Northern Reach, through the eyes of our Wizard, Trilith, as we continue our adventure! Click here to read the backstories of the party! 

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Oathday, 26th of Rainmoot, 1267

Dear Dad,

Well, this is the first time I almost felt sorry for ogres.

When we spotted them, one was on the path and the other was heading up a hillside. They seemed to be arguing about something. I needed to get closer to use the Sonic wand, so I tried to sneak up, as did Antinua. But the ogre on the hillside spotted us and shouted to his companion on the path.

With that, Antinua let loose a couple arrows doing lots of damage to the one on the path. Robi couched his lance and charged. The new steed was a little slower out of the gate, but man, has it got power. Robi’s lance found a home deep in the ogre’s chest. His arms flailed and it twisted as it fell dead.

But his companion bellowed from the hillside, and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard such fury and despair rolled together. Geldion, standing on the path, yelled at Robi for getting so far away from us that we’d be able to do little to help when the second ogre reached him.

The ogre on the hillside screamed at Robi and barreled down toward him. Geldion and I ran closer, hoping to be able to aid Robi when the ogre reached him. (Which didn’t take long) The ogre swung at Robi but he ducked the blow, thank the gods. One strike would probably have done him in. Antinua shot twice, but couldn’t get through the creature’s hide armor.

Robi screamed “Valor,” lighting up his shield, which made the ogre wince away. Then Robi swung his long sword, smiting the ogre, ripping open his side, and showing ribs. It cried out in pain.

Geldion who was glowing golden from his Light of Mercuria spell used the light and shot a shard of bright golden light at the ogre and it cried out again. With a second beam, the glow left Geldion and flew at the beset creature. It struck the ogre hard, and he slipped and nearly fell. I hurried up the hill and blasted him with a Scorching Ray. I burned the heck out of it, and it fell on its back, eyes bulging, dead.

And that was it, Dad. Honestly, I jumped up and down and clapped my hands. It had gone way better than I anticipated! Two ogres dead, and none of us even injured! It seemed too good to be true. Robi, still feeling the extra strength Geldion had given him, cast about for something else to fight, but nothing else was handy.

We found a few things on them, like a golden goblet with a hunting scene, and a silver earring shaped like a small caracal. (With part of an ear still attached. Yuck!)

We headed back to camp feeling elated that we were all still healthy and mostly uninjured. Geldion teased Robi with his lighted mace as he turned off his shield. (Maybe not the wisest thing to do when Robi was still stoked and looking for another fight.)

Antinua didn’t find much game that evening, but Telari brought a hare for dinner. Geldion sensed that the earring was magical. I cleaned it up and put it on and I seem to hear better. I gave it to Antinua for when she’s sneaking up and listening.

We joked around and organized our stuff as we celebrated our victory. The night was quiet and uneventful, probably because the ogres has scared everything else off. Geldion gave me his last Endure Elements since Antinua had insulted him. I thanked him and Pelor for the warmth.

Geldion and I discussed some spells and got ready for the morrow. Robi complained about the cooking.

We pressed on the next day heading westward. By late afternoon we were getting close to the escarpment. Antinua heard the river in the distance. Telari went out to look and told Antinua that the path down was in the same direction. Before long we saw the forest below the escarpment.

We found the path down amid a tumbled-down ruin – though, a triumphal arch still stood at the top of the trail down. Antinua and I took a look to see if it was solid. Looked pretty solid to me. There was a scene atop the arch sculpted in stone that Robi and Antinua thought showed a couple of the gods. Antinua spotted a gargoyle at the top of it that looked out of place. Robi detected evil coming from it. I immediately cast Mage Armor.

You know what they’re like, Dad, nasty creatures that like to rip living things open just to cause pain. I suspect they’re jealous of our soft supple forms. I warned the others that they’re resistant to damage unless you use magical weapons. We spotted another one as the first launched at us. I took out the wand and hit it with a Sonic Blast deafening it and hurting it, but it plunged toward us.

It tried to claw at Robi but couldn’t get past his shield. Antinua shot a magical arrow at the first one plugging it and cracking its hard skin. Her second shot hit as well sinking deeper. Robi swung his glowing sword as he shouted “Valor” and dazzled the creature. He clobbered it but didn’t do as much damage as expected.

The second gargoyle attacked Robi as well, but couldn’t get to him. Geldion hopped off his horse which the second gargoyle targeted. Geldion lit his mace and swung but nearly hit Robi’s horse instead.

I slid off my horse and let loose a Scorching Ray at the second one. It screeched and the sound seemed like the grinding rocks.

The first one headed toward Antinua, giving Robi a chance to strike it. Robi hit it hard, knocking off a big chunk of its hip that had black goo inside it. It attacked Antinua, but couldn’t hit thanks to the Protection from Evil that Geldion gave her. Her horse was spooked, but Antinua masterfully kept control of it. She drew her sword and stabbed at it, but the sword just clanged off of it. She slid out of the saddle and the creature clawed at her.

Robi clobbered the one in front of him and it thrashed in pain. It scraped and clawed back at him, but couldn’t get through Robi’s armor. Geldion hit this time with his glowing mace, and stone broke off from the creature, but it fought on.

I tried a Scorching Ray at the one after Antinua but missed and cursed at myself. It went after Antinua again and got in one hit to her side. She stepped back and shot an arrow at it, and it crumbled to the ground, breaking into a rock pile. “Make sure it’s dead!” I shouted, so Antinua plugged it again for good measure.

Robi hit the one in front of him again and it shattered into rubble. I picked up a small piece to look at it more closely. I’m curious as to how rock can come to life and interested to study it when I get a chance.

Antinua thanked Geldion for the Protection from Evil again since it really helped to keep her safe. However, she could use some of Geldion’s healing hands. And with that, we prepared to head down the hill.

So again, the adventure continues.



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