Libram of Lists – Beers

In honor of International Drink a Beer Day we are happy to present this 1D20 list of beers for you or your players to choose from during your adventures!

Libram of Lists - Beers


This is just a small piece of our Libram of Lists, which was funded on Kickstarter in less than a day!

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We are so excited to announce the release of Libram of Lists!

          Libram of Lists is an accessory book for Dungeon Masters with over 112.4 pages of content, with 180+ tables and lists for DnD 5E, 3.5E & Pathfinder 1E.  It was inspired by my need for answers to players’ questions regarding the names of locations, businesses, non-player characters, alcohols, knights orders, and more.  Essentially this was a project to “scratch my own itch” as it were, since it is something I needed myself. The book is broken up into multiple chapters covering PeoplePlacesThingsEvents, and Miscellaneous and tons of subcategories.

This project was years in the making and is now complete.  PDFs and the Fantasy Grounds 5E Magic Item module will be available two weeks after the Kickstarter ends allowing the backer names to be added to the final list.  The print copies will be ordered at the same time and mailed promptly after arrival. The content of the book is complete, as well has the Fantasy Grounds module. Risks involved are meteor strikes, worldwide paper shortages, Amazon bankruptcy, catastrophic health issues with the creators, a zombie apocalypse, an alien invasion, or a supernova within tens of light-years. Realistically, the only challenge is our dependence on Kindle Direct Publishing for timely printing, which for previous projects has been reliable.


Thanks so much for all your support!

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