Libram of Lists

Libram of Lists – Adding Detail to Your Fantasy Worlds

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Libram of Lists

We are excited to announce our newest product: The Libram of Lists!

Our Kickstarter was more than successful – we blew our goals out of the water! – and we have every one of our backers to thank (and do, in the back of each edition!).

Libram of Lists is an accessory book for Dungeon Masters with over 112.4 pages of content, with 180+ tables and lists for DnD 5E, 3.5E & Pathfinder 1E.  It was inspired by Tom’s need for answers to players’ questions regarding the names of locations, businesses, non-player characters, alcohols, knights orders, and more.

“Essentially this was a project to “scratch my own itch” as it were, since it is something I needed myself.” -Tom


The book is broken up into multiple chapters covering PeoplePlacesThingsEvents, and Miscellaneous and tons of subcategories. Below are just some of the subcategories, plus more covering cartography world-building and over 150 new magic items.  The bulk of the lists are at least twenty entries, with some reaching one hundred or more.

From adventure seeds to types of businesses, from names to settlements – this book is the ultimate compendium of names, titles, and more. Honestly, we are all thrilled that Tom solved our least favorite DM problem. You know what we mean, the awkward pause while we try to think of a creative name for an Inn or NPC!

Libram of Lists isn’t just for DMs and GMs though, players can use this guide to give their characters more creative names, better origin stories, and so much more.

We want to thank our backers again for their support at the launch of this new product! We are busy fulfilling the rewards and finalizing everything, then the Libram will be available for anyone to purchase! Keep an eye out here for the listing.


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