Fantasy Maps of Real Places – Our World, Reimagined!

Welcome, Traveller! Come, take a peek at these maps and tell me what you see. These coastlines may look familiar to you, but the names – I would wager- look somewhat different. You see, our world was once filled with magic. While the world has changed much since those times, you may be surprised to find that our world today was very much shaped but the magical creatures that once resided here. It does not take much effort to once again find the magic… all you have to do is look!


Fantasy Maps of Real Places - Our world, reimagined. Fantasy Map of Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley, for example, may be magical in ways of innovation, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? This coast was once full of magic, of giants, and dwarves, and dragons (why do you think so many flocked here for gold in our history?). Aye, This place was once filled with magic and wonder. Though, some say that there is still some magic left… if you know where to look.




Fantasy Maps of Real Places - Our world, reimagined. Columbus Ohio fantasy map



What could be magical about Columbus, Ohio, you ask? Why this land was, like it is now, a great hub for growing crops for the nearby kingdoms! Filled with druids and gnomes this land was green and glittered with both nature and illusion magic!





Fantasy Maps of Real Places - Our world, reimagined. Fantasy map of LA

Ahh Los Angeles, the city of stars! This land was once the land of mysterious creatures and adventure. Many an adventuring bard traveled to this land, seeking stories worthy of their patrons, tales that would bring them fame and glory!




You see, our world today still shines with the remnants of magic! So come adventures, gather your party, take a map, and seek it!


Don’t see your city? Comment below with the city name and state and we’ll add it to our list of upcoming maps!

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