A wizard facing a dragonUrban Realms

Gamers, set down your paint brushes and pick up your colored pencils and markers! This beautiful fantasy art of terrible monsters waits for your creative touch. From assassin vines to zombies, color the whole alphabet of all that’s dark and dangerous.

Whether you chose the whole collection in coloring book or poster form, or opt for a set of greeting cards to share with friends, you’ll enjoy our beasties.

From our customer:

I backed this on Kickstarter for a few reasons, firstly I’ve purchased a few items from Urban Realms and the products are top quality and well made, secondly, when I first saw this on Kickstarter, I immediately thought of my daughter and how she is at an age were she is learning to color, so this is a great product to for me and her to do, not to mention I’m passing on my love of D&D to her. My last reason as to why I backed this is because despite Urban Realms being a small company, they put a lot heart, effort, and determination into the products they make, and not just that but interaction with customers and making sure what you get is 110% satisfactory.

W. Armstrong