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 The Frost worm – Dungeon Monsters & Tavern Tales: A Gamer’s A to Z Coloring Book with Short Stories is an alphabetic menagerie of monsters. After all, why should kids have all the fun?

Frost Worms are massive, Frost-covered creatures native to the coldest regions of the world. They are often seen as a nuisance by those living in cold climates due to their tendency to dig through snow and ice in search of food. These Creatures are also able to generate their own heat, allowing them to stay active even in the most extreme conditions.

Frost Worms are attracted to Adventurers and will follow them back to their campsites, where they will attempt to devour them. The best advice an Adventure can receive is how to identify the signs of a Frost worm before it attacks. Frost Worms are immune to all forms of Frost damage and are vulnerable to Flame damage. Adventurers who kill a Frost Worm will be rewarded with fame and glory. Below is a poem inspired by an encounter with one such beast.

Frost worm poster or cards


Frost Worm

Iced silence trembles

Gaping death erupts skyward

Sinking beneath snow


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