Hello, again friends!

I hope this message finds you and your campaigns well! I was DMing a session the other day and a player mentioned that they had invested skill points in some of their knowledge skill, but I had never asked them to roll for them. Well, this got me thinking, there are so many different types of knowledge in this game, and I never much paid attention to them! There is a whole world of knowledge out there that our players can utilize, but it is the responsibility of us the GMs to lead the way!

So without further ado, here is the list of knowledge skills, and what they can be used to identify!

Knowledge Skill Uses:

-Arcana: Ancient mysteries, magic tradition, arcane symbols, cryptic phrases, constructs, dragons, magical beasts

-Architecture and Engineering: Buildings, aqueducts, bridges, fortifications

-Dungeongeering: Aberrations, caverns, oozes, spelunking

-Geography: Lands, terrain, climate, people

-History: Royalty, wars, colonies, migrations, the founding of cities

-Local: legends, personalities, inhabitants, laws, customs, traditions, humanoids

-Nature: Animals, fey, giants, monstrous humanoids, plants, seasons and cycles, weather, vermin

-Nobility and Royalty: Lineages, heraldry, family trees, mottoes, personalities

-Religion: Gods and goddesses, mythic history, ecclesiastic tradition, holy symbols, undead

-The Planes: The Inner planes, the Outer planes, the Astral plane, outsiders, elementals, magic related to the planes


Using this basic guide will help you and your players explore more possibilities in your gameplay!

Stay tuned for more ideas, tips, and tricks!