You excitedly check your inbox to find Garath’s email waiting, just like he said it would. The last time you spoke he mentioned that he and his other GM friends like to pass around ideas, but that he mostly sends out helpful tips and tricks just to stay connected to everyone. Eager, you open the message titled: Garath’s Guide to RPG Reddit.


Howdy hey, my friends!  You’ll notice another email has been added to the list – you’ll all remember my new friend from the tavern, they’ve been DMing a game for their friends lately and wanted to join the thread. Now, I know you don’t come here to listen to me ramble so without further ado, here’s my list of places I go for RPG ideas and inspiration. We all know Reddit is a huge resource, so I thought I’d list out some of my favorite places to hunt for new ideas!


Garath’s Guide to RPG Reddit:

DMAcademy -A great place to ask questions and get advice from other DMs, especially if you are just starting out! More Dungeons and Dragons focused than general RPG

Tabletop RPGs – Another general RPG forum that allows GMs to ask questions and garner ideas. 

DM Porn – A great place to find templates, maps, and ideas for your campaigns. 

RPG Design – This feed is a little more in-depth, designated for those who are building out their own RPGs

DND – The Dungeons and Dragons community dedicated to the various editions of the game.

Roll20 – A great way to get ideas, especially if you play online using the Roll20 platform.

Dungeons and Dragons – There are a lot of great artifacts and items listed here, homebrews, and campaign ideas as well!

Name Generator – Coming up with names is difficult and this forum is great for crowdsourcing ideas!

Dnd Behind the Screen – A great way to get inspiration and ideas from fellow DMs

Stay tuned for more ideas, tips, and tricks!