Hello, again friends!

I hope this message finds you and your campaigns well! Let’s talk about the senses. When is the last time you explained how something smelled or tasted in your campaign? If you’re like me it probably doesn’t happen that often, but using the senses when describing something to your players can be invaluable for not only building out the world, but for providing opportunities for roleplay, and for adding a new dimension to how your players strategize and solve puzzles!

Here are some ways you can highlight each sense during gameplay:

Sight: Seeing is believing unless your eyes are playing tricks on you!

  • A spot check can be confused if your player is seeing a mirage or something that isn’t really there! Illusions and tricks of the eye can really enhance the gameplay.
  • Seeing something out of the corner of your eye is creepy enough in real life, now imagine how your players would feel if it happens while they are exploring a haunted castle!
  • A well-worn path on an otherwise rough stone floor can show your players where others have come before.

Smell: Whoever smelt it, dealt it.

  • Foul smells are not only unpleasant but can be a sign of noxious gasses, or smell-based tricks and traps!
  • A pleasant smell can be used as a way to mask something fatal, making your traps harder to detect.
  • Baked goods, fresh food, the smells of the forest, city, or town are all great ways to enhance the story and hint to your players what is nearby!

Sound: Did you hear that? 

  • A creak of floorboards in an otherwise empty house can really set your players on high alert – especially if there’s no one there.
  • Music drifting through the night can lead to a band of traveling musicians, or a siren luring in her next meal.
  • Whispered words overheard in the tavern can lead your players to their next quest.

Touch: “Can you feel it now, Mr. Krabs?”

  • A chill breeze tickles the neck of your explorers alerting them to a hidden passageway.
  • The chill or heat of the night as they gather around their camp.
  • A sudden icy feeling, alerting them to an otherworldly presence.

Taste: MMMMM… Bacon!

  • We all have to use rations at some point, but what do they actually taste like?
  • The bitter taste of too much spice, or wait… is that poison?
  • A well-cooked meal after weeks on the road should be savored, tell your players how good it is!

Intuition: Don’t underestimate the power of a gut feeling!

  • Does a player get a sinking feeling when they enter the courtyard?
  • Do their palms start sweating or their heart starts racing when they interact with a certain NPC?
  • Maybe it’s just an unplaceable sense of foreboding when venturing into the mine they’ve been sent to clear of goblins. These small

Using these tips can really bring your campaign to life!

Stay tuned for more ideas, tips, and tricks!