DM Corner – A Simple Trick For Ranged Weapons

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DM Corner – A Simple Trick For Ranged Weapons is a space for us to share some of our favorite DM tips and tricks with you! Join us as Garath the barkeep shares his favorite behind-the-screen secrets!

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Recently my players were trying to ambush a well-fortified hideout. Surrounding the hideout was a field, so the players couldn’t get within range without being spotted by their foes. Some of the players wanted to attempt to shoot at them from the closest hiding spot and so we began to debate range penalties. Instead of an epic battle like I had hoped for we spent at least an hour debating weapon range, what’s possible (in the real world and game world), what I would allow as a DM, and what the official rules say.

This brought up the question of how far one could reasonably shoot, especially considering that bows don’t have an unlimited range – though there is nothing clear in the player’s handbook after some investigating I have pieced together the information I have done some investigating, and found this handy chart to help clarify matters:


DM Corner - A Simple Trick For Ranged Weapons. An Image detailing out the penalties for ranged weapons

With this cheat sheet on hand it became so much easier for myself and the players to measure their range! Not only did it make doing the math simple, but it took away the back and forth and “what-ifs” that sometimes arise when we are in the midst of a battle! Gone are the days of interrupting gameplay for the logistical side of things!

Using these tips can really bring your campaign to life!

Stay tuned for more ideas, tips, and tricks!


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