Hello adventurers, welcome to Urban Realms! Arven here, your friendly neighborhood merchant! I wanted to take a moment to tell you about one of my wares, one I am very excited about!

Date Night Dungeons – Rescue of The Blackthorn Clan

This module is a 2 person campaign, also known as a duet, designed for couples to be able to play together. This is a 145 page, standard (sort of)  RPG module for v3.5 or for Pathfinder, and 5e. It comes complete with stories, maps, locations, tokens, backstories, character sheets, NPCs, combat trackers, and baddies. It’s set up for one 4th level ranger and one 4th level sorcerer. The story has mysteries to solve, people to rescue, and villains to face. Each scenario has time for romance, and at least one battle.

How it Works:

This module is designed so that each partner is both GM and player, and the story unfolds for both as the adventure moves forward. It has been divided into four scenarios. Each scenario challenges the characters with at least one conflict and deepens the romance with role-playing. Players are encouraged (but not required) to trade-off GM duties each scenario, and to not read past the current scenario in the book in order to avoid spoilers. That way both partners get to be players and the mystery lasts until the final chapter.

Each scenario takes one to two hours to play, plus some prep time for the GM to read through the scenario a few times to get familiar with the material, and take the handouts like maps, combat trackers, and items out of the back of the book. There’s also some rolling to do before the game begins. The game can be played all in one day if you have the time, or broken into four date nights. As much as the GM work as possible is already set up, so you can your partner can focus on each other!

The Game You Know and Love, With a Twist:

Rescue of the Blackthorn ClanTo facilitate romance there are some extra mechanics in this module, like Attraction Points, First Impression Rolls, Turn-ons, and Pet Peeves. These keep your mind focused on the romance as you move through the adventure. It’s the dice though, that decide if our characters fall for each other, or can’t wait to get rid of each other. But then, isn’t love always a roll of the dice?

Before play begins each player rolls to find out their First Impression of their counterpart, chooses their Turn-ons, and rolls for Pet Peeves. All of these add to Attraction Points that are won (and lost) throughout the game and tracked on your character sheet.

Attraction Points determine your character’s attitude toward the other PC and decide whether or not the characters find true love at the end of the adventure. You start at zero Attraction Points and the farther you go in either direction, the stronger your character’s feelings.

There are also First Intimacies-such as hand-holding or a first kiss-that a PC needs Attraction Points to initiate. (And the recipient rolls to see how it went.)

To keep the players themselves from feeling left out of their character’s intimacies there is an extra mechanic to bring your real-life actions into the game! For example, if the players initiate the same intimacy as the characters (holding hands for example) their PCs earn even more Attraction Points. You can also spend Attraction Points for real-world intimacies like kisses, or get rid of negative Attraction Points by paying intimacies.

The characters have gender-neutral names and left the descriptors blank so the gender and orientation of the characters is completely up to the players. (It’s encouraged to come to an agreement of gender and orientation with your partner before you start gameplay.)  For simplicity’s sake, it was written for a male ranger and a female sorceress, but that is not in any way necessary to the story.  A rating guide is included at the start of the module to help you and your partner decide how intimate you want to get during gameplay, to ensure that you have aligned at a comfort level that works for everyone!

The Adventure:

Rescue of the Blackthorn ClanWynn Blackthorn, heir to the blackthorn power and fortune is being held for ransom. It’s up to Tarric Greycloak, head of security at the manor to get the heir back, but when Wynn and Tarric learn that the kidnappers also mean to kill Wynn’s father, the Thane of Palor Altor, they must work together to find out who is behind the plot and why, and stop the evil plan before things go from bad to worse. And just maybe, they’ll fall in love along the way, dice willing.

The adventure takes place in Silidor Valley, check out the map of the world here!


As a merchant, I take pride in my wares! This module is a great way to spend some quality time with that special someone, so check out this module today, and keep an eye out because more Date Night Dungeons are in the works!