Libram of Lists

Libram of Lists – Adding Detail to Your Fantasy Worlds

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We are excited to announce our newest product: The Libram of Lists! Our Kickstarter was more than successful - we blew our goals out of the water! - and we have every one of our backers to thank (and do, in the back of each edition!). Libram…
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Arven’s Holiday RPG Gamer Gift Guide!

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Welcome to Arven's Holiday RPG Gamer Gift Guide!   It's that time of year again, the weather is crisp and cool (in some parts of the land), flannels are nearly as abundant as the 'pumpkin spice' so many of you have told me about,…

Libram of Lists – Beers

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Libram of Lists - Beers In honor of International Drink a Beer Day we are happy to present this 1D20 list of beers for you or your players to choose from during your adventures!   This is just a small piece of our Libram of Lists,…

DM Corner – Keeping track of it all

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You stare at your notes, scratching your brain for a creative way to get your players where they are supposed to go. It’s been a while since you ran a campaign, especially an in-person one, and you forgot the feeling of anxiety that hits right…

How Do You See the World?

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You drag your feet as you walk into the tavern, heading straight for the bar, nodding at some regulars that you recognize. You catch the eye of the bartender who’s busy with a customer. “My usual, when you get the chance,” you tell him.   Your…

The Real History of Our World

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Welcome traveler!  The Dwarf, Arven once again is sitting at a wooden table, large mug in hand, and on the table sits some of her wares. You’ve begun to think of it as her table. Today, you see a thick journal displayed prominently,…