6 Monsters to use in ANY TTRPG

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6 Monsters to use in ANY TTRPG Part of why we love playing games, especially TTRPGs (Table Top Role Playing Games), is to get away from the stress of the real world. They are a way to relax, use our imaginations, and connect with our friends!…
Libram of Lists

Libram of Lists – Adding Detail to Your Fantasy Worlds

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We are excited to announce our newest product: The Libram of Lists! Our Kickstarter was more than successful - we blew our goals out of the water! - and we have every one of our backers to thank (and do, in the back of each edition!). Libram…

Libram of Lists – Beers

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Libram of Lists - Beers In honor of International Drink a Beer Day we are happy to present this 1D20 list of beers for you or your players to choose from during your adventures!   This is just a small piece of our Libram of Lists,…