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Now keep your board game collection organized with style!


Journal Details:

Matte Softcover

8″ x 10″

150 Pages

Inventory slots for 600 games

Game play space for 342 games

5 years’ worth of 10×10 challenge


Journal Details:

Matte Softcover

8″ x 10″

300 Pages

Inventory slots for 1000 games

3 pages of Games on Loan

Game play space for over 400 games

10 years’ worth of 10×10 challenge

Board Gaming Journal by Urban Realms

Board gaming enthusiast Tom and his wife Catherine Thrush have teamed up to create Urban Realms and provide a new journal that’s a must-have for every serious game collector!

Inventory –These journals helps you track inventory, including the name of the game, the publisher, designer, and which edition you own. You can also give each game a 0 to 5 star rating. Now you’ll always know exactly what you have, who made it, and how well you liked it.

Games on Loan – Tired of not getting your games back? In the 300 page version we’ve added three pages to track games you’ve loaned to friends – the name of the game, who you loaned it to, and when.

Game Play – The middle section of these journals help you track game play. Log the name of the game and the expansion, where and when you played. Keep track of who the players were up to 6 players. There’s also space for Win/Loss for cooperative games as well as who came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in competitive games, and where you ranked. And a little space to keep notes on the twists and turns of the game. The 300 page journal also provide some extra space for score keeping, making more notes, doodling, or whatever you’d like.

10×10 Challenge – The challenge? Play 10 games 10 times each over the course of one year. The final section of the journal allows you to list the 10 games you picked as well as the editions. Each time you play one of those games fill in one of the 10 stars. We have room for 10 years’ worth of 10×10 challenges.