Blog Intro

Well met fellow gamers! Our new blog will be dedicated to gaming in general, and likely some relative nerdiness thrown in for good measure. We will try to be genre and system neutral in effort to be useful to the most readers possible. The Urban Realms brand is an extension of our gaming lives and we hope it will be a part of yours as well!

Our inaugural article is for game masters and is about inspiration, where to get some and examples in our everyday lives. An open mind (and eyes) will discover great ideas abound in every direction.

I ran an encounter last spring based on a trip to Castle Rock (love the name BTW). The party approached a number of large boulders stacked to and fro, from which sprang an ankheg. A battle ensued and once done, the path led under the rocks for treasure and a passageway to the underdark.

When walking on a nearby hiking trail you may see vantage points from which an orcish band would attack, giving a more accurate description when weary adventures are beset on all sides. At a local city park, the boughs of a large oak could easily hide a ranger or hold a nest of pixies. Should the game or fiction in question be set in “modern” times, an alleyway on the way to work or school can be the location of intrigue, from a seller of illicit steampunk contraptions to the latest in implants for a cyberpunk. Neighborhood yards, buildings and open spaces can easily be reimagined with some walking dead or advancing aliens.

Next time you’re at the DMV, a mall or even a doctor’s office, ask yourself how defensible they are, what combat might look like and are their interesting elements that can be used by, or against, the players. The classic zombie filled hometown mall can make for a fun time: players armed at the local sports outlet with hockey sticks, baseball bats and a tennis ball machine launching pool balls would likely be a memorable tale.

Let us know what has inspired your adventures!