A drawing of a robust older looking woman with her arms resting on a table, one hand resting against her chin, wearing a blouse and a holiday hat

A drawing of a robust older looking woman with her arms resting on a table, one hand resting against her chin, wearing a blouse and a holiday hat

Welcome to Arven’s Holiday RPG Gamer Gift Guide!


It’s that time of year again, the weather is crisp and cool (in some parts of the land), flannels are nearly as abundant as the ‘pumpkin spice’ so many of you have told me about, and the holidays are fast approaching! So many fantastic holidays are celebrated in the upcoming months, I myself will be gathering with my grandchildren to celebrate Wintersheild (though the youngest children always insist I dawn that silly red hat)!


What better way to spread joy to your friends and family than by showering them with gifts? Since some of your dear ones may be more difficult to shop for than others, I offer you this simple reminder: one can never have too many gaming supplies! Just ask Garth, his dice and notebook collection take up half the bar’s storage, don’t let him fool you – he’s not keeping extra mugs down there!


Shop now to take advantage of holiday sales! Without further ado, here are some of my favorite gifts to give during the holidays!


 Date Night Dungeons: A Couple’s RPG Adventure

Link to modulesThis module is a great gift for your significant other, crush, or a couple in your life to who you’d like to give the gift of a date! There 3 versions available with compatibility to Dungeons and Dragons version 3.5, Pathfinder, and 5th Edition. Here’s a little preview of what the first Date Night Dungeon is all about:

The heir to the Blackthorn power and fortune is being held for ransom. Now it’s up to the head of security at the manor to get the heir back. But when they learn that the kidnappers mean to kill the Thane as well, they must work together to find out who is behind the plot and why. They soon learn that things are far more sinister than they first appeared. Now they must foil the mastermind’s evil plot before the planes of hell break loose – if they can.




Fantasy Maps of Real Places

Silicon Valley in LOTR style

Silicon Valley, West Los Angeles, and Columbus, Ohio have been MiddleEarthed. See these modern urban centers transformed into realms of fantasy in LOTR style. Hand-signed by the artist, these high-quality prints enhance any home. Even a high elf would be proud. These maps aren’t like some of the other fantasy maps you’ve probably seen floating around the internet, with creative names of actually towns and cities and a legend to help you find important landmarks these maps have much greater attention to detail and aim to capture the heart of their respective locations (while evoking that fantasy feel we all know and love)!




Gaming Journals

These gaming journals come in many shapes and sizes, just like your campaigns! Great for recording your adventures as a player to avoid that awkward question, “so, what happened last time?”, for GMs to build out their world and plan the adventure, they even double as a great place for writers to plan their stories! With ample space for notes, battle maps, world history, loot, NPC and character information, and so much more these journals really have it all!


Books for Every Adventure Lover


Monster coloring bookA New Look at Old WordsA New Look at Old Words is a word-lover’s categorized guide to the slang of pirates, street-sellers, Gypsies, thieves, and more. Now find the perfect slang word to spice up the language and dialog of your campaign, or simply enjoy the colorful language of days gone by.  This is a great gift for the writer in your life, be it novel or campaign this book will help spruce up the speech of your characters for the coveted old-timey feel! It’s also great for players who want to give their role-play a little oomph!


With the state of the world as it is, relaxing is a must, but no one said that monsters can’t be relaxing! With Dungeon Monsters and Tavern Tales, you or your loved one can enjoy bringing these beasts to life and reading the tales that accompany them while unwinding this holiday season! You can gift them the whole A-Z booklet or fill their stockings with prints of their favorite monsters!



Gaming T-Shirts

RPG T-shirtsAll of our Gaming Tees are on sale for 55% off through the month of December! We’re clearing out inventory to introduce more great styles, so you get extra savings! Give the gifts of a gaming tee to your favorite DM, to the friend who really embodies their character class, or to yourself as a reward for getting your holiday shopping finished early!





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