The rain pours in sheets as you shove your way into the tavern, adding your umbrella to the overflowing stand by the door. You smile as you take in the tavern, it’s warm fire already working to fight off the spring chill. In the corner some of your friends sit, waiting for you and the rest of your group to arrive so you can continue your campaign. Arven putters around her table, straightening and dusting her wares but spares you a wink as you pass.


You Squeeze into the booth and notice that one of your friends has her head in a book, taking notes on what looks like her backstory sheet. You lean over to see pages with words you can read but don’t recognize.


“What’s this?” confusion clears on your face as you lean over to get a better look at the pages. She laughs, turning the book toward you as she finishes scribbling something down.


A New Look at Old WordsA New Look At Old Words, Arven sold it to me! I was hoping to spice up the language of my bard since she is supposed to know a lot about the hamlet she’s from and I didn’t know where to start. I got here early so I was looking at Arven’s wares and she recommended the book. There’s some great stuff in here, you might like it for writing the rest of the campaign!” 


A strange feeling passes through you as you listen to your friend chat so casually about Arven, as far as you know Arven has only told you about the magic but it feels oddly satisfying to watch these two worlds of yours meld together. 


“You never showed me this book!” You exclaim as you approach Arven’s table, grinning as you lift up an identical book from the table and start to flip through it. She snatches the book back, frowning, but you recognize the mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she bustles about her table.


“That’s because you never asked you dunderhead!” 


“Dunderhead? What’s that supposed to mean?” 


“Blockhead. If you had bought that book maybe you would know that! But there are more than just insults in there my friend, so many wonderful words have been lost to time. Descriptions, locations, communication – there are vast worlds of words just waiting to be remembered” She jabs at the cover of the book with her finger. 


The door of the tavern swings open and you glance over to see the remainder of your friends piling into the bar, shaking the rain off their jackets. You give them a small wave and turn back to Arven. Her chuckle fades as her eyes grow serious.


“I heard of your plans to tell your friends about the magic through the game you’re running, bold. I knew that I saw something good in you when you wandered in here all those months ago. Maybe the book will help you add some more flavor to your tale.”


Her smile returns, hope, and pride radiating from her like a beacon as she hands the book back to you. Flipping quickly through the easy-to-use Index leads you to the definition of dunderhead and you find that she really was calling you a blockhead and you chuckle, deciding this book indeed will be useful.


“Now go, join your friends, have fun, and find the magic”