6 Monsters to use in ANY TTRPG

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6 Monsters to use in ANY TTRPG

Part of why we love playing games, especially TTRPGs (Table Top Role Playing Games), is to get away from the stress of the real world. They are a way to relax, use our imaginations, and connect with our friends! The last thing any of us want is to worry about causing trouble in the real world because of something that brings us joy. That is why it’s important to know that the tools you use in your game are there to enhance the experience, not hurt it.


Check out these 6 monsters to use in any TTRPG so that you can play without having to worry about anything but how your dice are rolling!

1. Kraken:

Krakens are large, deep sea creatures known for wreaking havoc on ships sailing on long voyages. With their immensely powerful tentacles they will latch onto the vessel, ripping it apart and feasting on crew and carnage alike.

2. Yugoloth:

Also known as daemons or Loths, these demonic creatures that can take many forms, though the lesser species in this race often resemble large insects. They are intelligent enough to scheme and plan making them formidable foes to the unprepared adventurer or traveler.

3. Pixies:

Pixies may seem delightful but their mischievous natures tend to cause trouble for themselves and those who stumble upon them. While some seek to help the bumbling mortals around them, others delight in playing pranks not minding if the prank goes too far. One should always be wary with their dealings with a Pixie.

4: Rakshasa:

This race of creatures has long been known for their success assassins. With the power to change their shape, they can appear as animals, monsters, and in some cases even beautiful women. They use this ability to hunt and eliminate targets both as part of an organization and as freelancers.

5: Minotaur:

Half-man, Half bull, Minotaurs are creatures one should never hope to meet in battle. Known for being guards they are often found in mazes, dungeons, and caves. Minotaurs are a tribal culture, however, and if not freelancing for someone in need of muscle they prefer to be left to their own societies problems.

6: Wyvern:

The distinguishing feature between a Dragon and a Wyvern is that Wyvern possess two legs while Dragons have four. This detail, however, is often overlooked when one comes face to face with either of these creatures. First hand witnesses, if they live to survive the encounter, often appear more focused on their immense size, large wings, or sharp, glistening teeth.


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