DM Corner – Uses of the Knowledge Skill

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Hello, again friends! I hope this message finds you and your campaigns well! I was DMing a session the other day and a player mentioned that they had invested skill points in some of their knowledge skill, but I had never asked them to roll…
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Dungeon Monsters and Tavern Tales – Earth Elemental

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A bent old man, dressed in rags hobbled into the tavern. He put two coins on the bar and asked for a bowl of the mutton stew cooking over the fire and a crust of bread. He sat at the far end of the long and crowded bar, hunched over his bowl. “Haven’t…

Date Night Dungeons – A Couple’s Module

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Hello adventurers, welcome to Urban Realms! Arven here, your friendly neighborhood merchant! I wanted to take a moment to tell you about one of my wares, one I am very excited about! Date Night Dungeons - Rescue of The Blackthorn Clan This…
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Dungeon Monsters and Tavern Tales – Dragon

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One night a bearded old man in a raggedy long coat knocked over his Elven wine as he sat in the corner of Adam’s Apple Ale House. A barmaid of twenty went to help him. She was the loveliest girl in the land, with golden hair, dawn-fresh skin,…

Tales From the Table – A Comedy of Editions

Welcome to Tales from the Table, where once a month we will share one of our favorite encounters from the RPG tabletop. Tales range from hilarious first-hand accounts from the GM to harrowing tales of near escapes from the player’s perspective.…